Alger Response

In my first experiment with not-reading a work of literature with which I had no previous study done I found this tool to be extremely interesting. By creating a corpus with all the different works of literature by Alger I feel I was able to understand different aspects of his works and themes. For example,… Read More Alger Response


Voyant Tools II

In the second phase of using the Voyant tools I coming in with the questions in mind from our class discussion. For this analysis, I compared WEB DuBois The Souls of Black Folk with Booker T Washington’s Up From Slavery. My questions were as follows: What are the authors differing opinions on the nature of African American’s… Read More Voyant Tools II


Voyant Tools

For my project on Voyant tools, I decided to use the piece of literature by WEB DuBois titled “The Souls of Black Folk”. I decided to use this because I thought that the language in this particular piece of work would be interesting to dissect by the actual words used. I started with analyzing particular… Read More Voyant Tools


Bartleby Bartleby Bartleby

Online reading is quite the new experience for me. In truth, I find myself constantly clicking away and finding myself unable to fully concentrate. Therefore, to read a long short story on a computer screen is challenging. Not only that but the addition of annotations make the reading longer. With that being said, there were several… Read More Bartleby Bartleby Bartleby